To the Writer

Dear little writer

Imagine your life is a movie. Can you picture it? Can you hear the music for the opening scene? Who is the hero in your story? And who is the bad guy?

Or imagine that your life is a stage play. When the heavy velvet curtains slowly open, we see ... you!

Everybody has a story – welcome to THE MY STORY TRIBE! Every day of your life is a page waiting to be written – and you have the pen in your hand!

In this tribe, we ...


Don’t worry! There are no intimidating blank pages, we promise! You will scribble and draw and paste and make notes about everything in your life’s story: the characters, the places, the events and also how this story makes you feel!

Meet on the Mat

Have you noticed how you tighten your fists when you get angry? Or how you pace when you get impatient? It’s because our insides and our outsides are connected. When we meet on the mat, we use breath and movement to get our inside and our outside on the same peaceful page! We can’t wait to get moving with you!

Celebrate artist hour

There is an artist inside us all. Sometimes we shut them up. Not in this Tribe, we don’t. Every week we celebrate Artist Hour! When we create, we notice beauty. And when we notice beauty, we can make it part of our story.


We what?
We muse. No, not moose! Muse.
Our mind is our control centre. If your mind tells you you’re not good enough, the rest of you will believe it. Musing is a way of steering your mind like a car. We need to show it where to go to get to the good, empowering thoughts.

So, get your journal and join the Tribe! Go on! What are you waiting for? Write your best story ever!

Welcome to the Tribe,

The My Story Tribe Team

Our Team

Milan Murray
The Dramatic One
Chantel Griesel
The Kind One
Lauren Nel
The Bubbly One
Noleen Lawrence
The Artsy One
Liza Heap
The Sunny One