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About the Tribe

This online platform aims to invest in the mental wellness and emotional resilience of the six- to thirteen-year-old age group. In this tribe:

We Journal

Don’t worry! There are no intimidating blank pages, we promise! Your child can scribble and draw and paste and make notes about everything in their life’s story: the characters, the places, the events and also how this story makes them feel.

We Meet on the Mat

We clench our fists when we get angry. We pace when we get impatient. Our cheeks turn red when we fancy someone. Our insides and our outsides are connected! When we Meet on the Mat, we use BREATH and MOVEMENT to get our inside and our outside on the same peaceful page!

We Celebrate artist hour

There is an artist inside us all. Sometimes we shut them up. Not in this Tribe, we don’t. Every week we celebrate Artist Hour! When we create, we notice beauty. And when we notice beauty, we can make it part of our story.

We Muse

We what? We muse. No, not moose! Muse. Our mind is our control centre. If your mind tells you you’re not good enough, the rest of you will believe it. Musing is a way of steering your mind like a car. We need to show it where to go to get to the good, empowering thoughts.

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Milan Murray, founder of The My Story Tribe, talks to a variety of guests about children and mental health.

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