Guardians of
the Story

Dear fellow parent

You have shown up! In a world where conscious parenting so often takes a back seat, that is admirable. Thanks for being the guardian of your child’s story.

Every story has a dragon or a villain. Our parenting story is no different. We desperately want to safeguard our children from negative influences and tragedy within their story. We ourselves experience plot twists such as divorce, relocation and loss, which in turn affect our children. And then we fall into bed at night wailing the age-old “Mea culpa, mea culpa!”

How do we help our children navigate through this life while growing in confidence and ease? How do we guard their story?

The GUARDIAN section of the My Story Tribe platform will offer guidance, research material, videos and discussions for parents and teachers on all of the topics that the young Tribe members are dealing with in their journals. We got you covered! From bullying, to peer orientation, to social media, to hormones, to diagnoses such as dyslexia and more, our team of collaborators will contribute information, tools and products regarding every aspect surrounding mental wellness and emotional resilience in our children.

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Here’s to our children! May they venture into their teenage years knowing who they are and liking their story’s main character.

The My Story Tribe Team

Our Team

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