As first-time parents, we grab anything labelled “early childhood development” from the shelf. We confidently throw around terms like “midline crossing” and “fine motor skills”. We brag about our attachment parenting style and, when we read that 80% of the brain develops in the first three years, we buy some more. We do Baby Einstein, Baby Gym, Baby Sense, Moms and Tots and whatever programme is trending.

Once we drop our children off at school aged six, we sigh a sigh of relief, pour a glass of bubbly and pat ourselves on the back. We made it!

We only wake up again when a screaming thirteen-year-old-teenager stares us in the face. By then our child is in the third act of their childhood story and the script has Tarantino written all over it.

This is where the My Story Tribe comes in. This online platform aims to invest in the mental wellness and emotional resilience of the six- to thirteen-year-old age group.

“Story” has always been a big part of my life. As an actress, screenwriter and author of children’s books, “story” has been both an escape and my way to make sense of the world. When my children are faced with challenging times, we call on our friend “story”. I encourage them to tell me the story of their day. Was it a comedy or a tragedy? Or a circus? Who was the bad guy? How do they feel after closing the book of today? And, most importantly: “Who are you, the hero of your own story?”

With content developed by leading names in the fields of Psychology and Occupational Therapy, the My Story Tribe platform will use the mechanism of “story” to facilitate emotional growth and mindfulness. Habits like journaling and meditation will form part of a toolkit to empower these youngsters going forward.

Imagine every thirteen-year-old who graduates from the My Story Tribe greeting their teenage self with confidence in their stride, a secure identity, a solid backbone, self-love and tools to keep investing in their emotional and psychological growth. Imagine them pen in hand, ready to write their own extraordinary story.

Imagine yourself then, the guardian of that story, lifting your glass of bubbly with a triumphant smile that says: “Not on my watch, Mr Tarantino!”

Welcome to the Tribe!

Milan Murray